CustomHealth Education Program

We, at Sierra Medical Group, believe that health literacy affects the quality and safety of the members. Due to the enormity of the available materials and different requirements of the members, we believe in focused prescriptive member education. How is CustomHealth different from a traditional patient education program?

  • A custom education program is designed by a physician for each member, rather than one class/session fits all
  • Only the relevant knowledge is imparted to the member, rather than a plethora of information
  • Knowledge is communicated through engaging videos (actual demonstrations, medical procedures, storytelling and testimonials) boosting comprehension and retention.
  • Members and family can select a convenient time and pace to educate themselves

In a nutshell, the program focuses on evidence-based medicine and self-care strategies, rather than personalities or the latest health trends. It provides a learning tool to support and encourage patients to become active participants in their own healthcare and to develop healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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